One minute to learn about your heart health.

No matter who you are, whether you are sick or well, you just breathe through our mask normally for one minute, and we analyze a mixture of inhaled and exhaled gases, to discover changes in your health, providing accurate data for use in check-ups, urgent medical situations, drug therapy assessment and even athletic training, to proactively improve your health and wellbeing.


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Fundraising - Seed Round

S.A.F.E. investing document available upon request.

List of Partners

Dragorosso’s technology was invented by the founders of the Oak Crest Institute of Science, where they work with the most distinguished academic research partners.

Trials completed

Dragorosso completed their first round of clinical study several years ago and is currently about to embark on further clinical studies in 2023 with ten major research partners. These studies will provide ample evidence of the accuracy and merit of the Dragorosso technology

Patents Issued

Dragorosso is the assignee of the original patent covering the device. Dragorosso will apply for a new patent in 2023, extending the protection of the family of technologies.

Reimagining Care

Dragorosso's One Minute Test can:

  • Save Lives: the non-invasive test replaces a more hazardous, invasive procedure for cardiopulmonary patients
  • Save Cost: an inexpensive test versus steep thousands of dollars in medical bills per patient
  • Save a Heart Failure outpatient from being admitted to hospital to stabilize their condition.
  • Save Beds in Hospitals
  • Save health system and insurers over Ten billion dollars a year in the US alone

Investing Papers

1 min

Clinical Exam

Our non-invasive one minute exam is simple and provides more data on cardiac output over any other exam on the market.



We have secured a crucial patent pertaining to our groundbreaking testing technology. Patent detail available upon request.


Diagnostic Study

Real individual data to study Dragorosso's effectiveness available. See Study Paper.

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